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10-22-2007, 03:24 AM
Are you down on your luck with finding success using Google Adsense? I have invested quite a bit of time into learning how to gain a pretty decent income using Google Adsense... if you need some help with Google Adsense, post your question, drop me a reference/link to your site and I'll be happy to take a look and offer you some advice. :D

I make an average of around $250 dollars per day using Google Adsense. It has taken me over a year and a half along with a million and one various mistakes as well as a countless number of hours invested to get to this point. The funny thing is... a few weeks ago, I got my hands on this book:


(Thanks Joel!)

... and I have started to read the book while I sit at my daughter's softball and son's baseball games. I am quickly discovering that it has taken me a year and a half to learn how to be successful with Google Adsense where if I had purchased this book before hand, I would have gotten myself to the point where I am at today about 9 months earlier.

I can't say that I have actually learned a lot from this book because I have already been there done that... but what I am learning (and I feel its vitally important) is the fact that if I had bought the book when I first got started in this business, it would have saved me from a lot of frustration and wasted time.

Anyway... just some food for thought.

Long story short... Google Adsense works and works quite well. If you need some help and would like for me to offer you some suggestions and or advice, feel free to ask. I'll look at your current site and provide you with some feedback.

11-10-2007, 04:31 PM

Yes, thank you, I would like that very much. I would love to be making $200-300 per day with Adsense. Any tips or hints you can give me would be appreciated. I don't know much, but I do know that I have a few websites with Adsense on them and would like to start seeing some checks. I'll give you the URLs on a few of them so you can check them out: www.FibromyalgiaReliefinSight.com, www.ChronicFatigueSyndromeRelief.com, www.HolisticHealthReport.com, www.PhysiciansOnlineMarketing.com, www.TheUltimateRealEstate.com, www.WeightLosswithOrganicFoods.com, www.NewInternetMarketingTrends.com, and www.JointVenturePro.com just to name a few. These are quite new, but I also have some old ones and I have yet to see a check for Adsense. I don't think that the old ones ever had the Adsense code changed from the previous owners' code to my code, though, so that would explain why I've never seen any money from them. I'm hoping to understand how these work and get them going. Where should I start?




11-10-2007, 05:37 PM
Hi Garry,

Yes what you say here is extremely interesting and anyone looking to create an income online would be foolish to pass you up on your kind generous offer.

I know some about Google Adwords, but when it came to Adsense I always believed you needed a lot of sites and so on that basis (rightly or wrongly) I tended to steer clear.

This does not mean I am not interested in what you are saying here, but merely whether I have been misinformed or not in it's regard. One thing I would really be keen to know is how you generate enough traffic daily in order to create an income of $250+ a day from using purely Adsense.

After all surely one of the key factors has to be traffic in order to make it all work.

Again I am merely being curious here and seeking the answers and not attempting to state what is and what isn't. And finally, what level of experience does somebody need in order to carry out and achieve that which you have achieved yourself.

Thank you for your time...


Clive Anderson